SCI Wire - The CareCure Community
Hands down this is the best resource out there for SCI information and camaraderie. It was created by Dr. Wise Young, the preeminent authority on SCI cure research, as well as one of the most compassionate individuals you'll ever have the good fortune to come across.
This is perhaps the most inspiring sci-related site you'll find. Here we meet Mark who eloquently describes his life experiences as an independent-living C6 quad.

Online Scrabble
I've developed a scary addiction to this site where, for free, you can play online Scrabble against others all over the world. If you choose, you can add some competition to the mix and your initial rating will fluctuate will your wins and losses.
For the past year or so Chris has been posting his life experiences as a C5 complete quad. He was one of the first Americans to travel to China to receive the highly debated OEC implantation. He thoroughly documents his minor gains and is open to answering the questions of others.  Add "thoughts/" to the end of his web address and you'll find his journal archives. Chris does a fine job of mixing his sharp comic wit with the tragic memories of his fiancée's untimely death; the first five months of his entries (saved as his 'older archives') are priceless.

Fresh Air with Terry Gross
This stellar NPR radio show offers a wide array of interesting interviews, all of which are available online dating back to year 2000.  You can search the archives for your favorite people/ subjects.

Accessible Design Consultants
Based out of California, these guys have put together an impressive site showcasing a wide array of home modifications for the disabled.
Mark is a C5-ish complete quad as a result of a plane crash in 2003. He has invented several quad adaptations, which are both for sale and currently in the works. Recently, Mark did a thorough review of all the various power standing wheelchairs available in the marketplace.
Chaz is a C5-ish quad who has put together an impressive site describing his journey since his diving accident at sea. Self-described as a "dreamer, naturalist, survivor, research advocate, poet and writer," his deep, zen-like approach towards life and disability is like a breath of fresh air and a must read. Be patient... he is still putting together the section on motorcycle maintenance.